Salsa Kings Now Offering Free Group Classes for Members

Miami’s leading dance studio is offering classes at no cost.

Representatives with Salsa Kings announced today that it is now offering free group classes for members.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this to our members,” said Andres Fernandez, owner and company spokesperson for Salsa Kings, which recently won Miami’s Rueda de Casino Dance Competition.

Salsa Kings was established in 1998. All dance instructors are certified by the World Salsa Federation and are World Champions in the Salsa and Bachata Cabaret divisions. The company has worked with world-renowned artists such as Pitbull, Willy Chirino, La India, Oscar de Leon, and Jose Alberto “El Canario” and more.

Fernandez went on to reveal that interested parties can signup for the free group classes today.

“Group salsa lessons are a fun and economical way to learn while meeting new people,” Fernandez said, before adding, “This is a great option for those looking to de-stress and have a good time while learning to dance at a low cost.”

“No partners or schedule commitments are required”, Fernandez said.

The classes Salsa Kings offers include Intro, perfect for first-timers; Partnerwork, which allows individuals to learn something new while dancing together; Club, which will enable individuals to have fun and explore in a disciplined dance environment; Kids, which promotes coordination, memory, and self-esteem while learning a variety of values; Minis, a creative class for ages two through four.

“Instead of paying monthly or per class, now pay a one-time registration payment of only $100 and take classes and learn to dance Casino (Cuban-style salsa) for life,” Fernandez said.

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