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Looking for free online salsa lessons or unique date night ideas? Take a dancing class online with our first-rate teachers from wherever, whenever!

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Need to learn how to dance salsa right now? Take a dancing class online. Free online salsa lessons are growing in popularity and are always a great idea!

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Video Courses

Take advantage of free online salsa lessons below! Enjoy a dancing class online and begin perfecting your favorite Latin dance style with our fully comprehensive courses. Regardless of level, we have a course just for you. Add these video courses to your list of date night ideas and enjoy the dance floor together tonight!

Move of the Week

Enjoy a fully interactive LIVE dancing class online from world champions and industry leaders for less than the price of lunch and learn one easily digestible move a week in your favorite dance style including Salsa, Bachata, and Casino to fit your busy lifestyle! This is certainly one of your better date night ideas, too.

Virtual Private Lessons

Looking for more great date night ideas? Schedule a private, one-on-one dancing class online with an expert from the comfort of your own home. Get those immediate results you’re searching for and connect tonight!