Private Lessons

It’s the Details

Take your dancing to the next level for that important event or special someone with couple dance classes or a private dancing lesson for yourself!

Here’s what you’ll learn in your solo private dancing lesson or couple dance classes…

FIRST: Master Timing

When learning something new, the most important things to focus on are the RULES!

In any partner dance, salsa included, the “rules” are stepping on rhythm a.k.a. timing.

Like any set of rules, its mastery is required to have success. (It’s a little frustrating to play checkers with someone who doesn’t know how to play checkers.)

In these private dancing lessons, we master the simplicity AND importance of the rules quickly yet thoroughly so that we can actually begin learning the dance itself ASAP!

All choreographers for quinceaneras, those teaching wedding dance lessons, or couple dance classes will tell you that foundation everything!

SECOND: Master Connection

Salsa is a partner dance and two must move as one.

Wether you’re doing wedding dance lessons, couple dance classes, or taking the private dancing lesson for yourself, connection is required for this to take place and avoid injury.

Understanding the roles of leading and following and what they truly mean are the secret here.

These concepts are explained in detail to create a union between the music (regardless of the song), your partner (regardless of their level of training) and you (regardless of your mood).

There is nothing more fun than connecting with great music and awesome people!

THIRD: Master Confidence

Now that you can connect with anyone to any song, it’s a process to take ownership of it.

We make sure you know how far you’ve come and you feel good doing it.

Letting go and having fun are mandatory, especially in a dance like salsa.

With a mastery of timing and connection, you have a strong foundation to hit the dance floor expecting success.

Give it a shot, we’ll bet top dollar that you’ll have fun and receive compliments as well!

FOURTH: Master Communication

You feel the music, you are able to dance with anyone, and you have fun doing it. Congrats, you’re right on track.

Now it’s time to learn some awesome material that will have your friends wanting to dance with/like you!

Here you will learn communication techniques that will have you leading and following the most complex turn patters with ease.

We are confident that with the above-mentioned foundation, results like these can be yours!

FIFTH: Master Creativity

Our job wouldn’t be complete if your private dancing lesson didn’t teach you to be able to make your dance your own.

Salsa is a dance, and dance is an art.

Here we teach you how to embrace this outlet to be a medium of your creative expression.

When it comes to creativity, there are no limits! With a team of World Champion instructors, we train you to meet ALL of your dance goals!


With over 20 years of focused study about what it takes to have REAL results on the dance floor, we have truly perfected our curriculum to give you exactly that! Looking for wedding dance lessons near me or choreographers for quinceaneras near me? You’ve found the right place!

$300 – 10 Prepaid Hours
$200 – 5 Prepaid Hours
$50 – Pay As You Go

Prices are consistent regardless of the amount of people participating. Choreographers fee for quinceaneras or weddings not included.

Upcoming wedding, or quince? We have the most experienced choreographers for quinceaneras or wedding dance lessons.

Searching for couple dance classes near me? A private dancing lesson is a great way to spark up romance or rekindle your existing relationship.

This effective way to learn can be scheduled at the time and location of your choice. Private dancing lessons are best for those who are shy, prefer to learn alone, or have a certain deadline to learn by and looking for choreographers for quinceaneras near me or wedding dance lessons near me. They are great for groups, couples, or singles and a great gift idea! Everyone loves the speedy results!!!

Reserve your private dancing lesson miami with a choreographer for quinceaneras, wedding dance lessons, or couple dance classes using our app or online calendar today!