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How to Improve My Bachata

Do you want to improve your bachata? If you are searching for a ‘bachata class near me’ for this fall and winter season, then you get how important classes are in improving your skills. Taking a bachata class is a great idea because practice does make perfect. For those who are unsure or just lookingContinue reading “How to Improve My Bachata”

Salsa Kings Moves to a New Location in Miami

Representatives with Miami-based dance studio Salsa Kings announced today that it has moved to a new location in Miami. “Our new location is smaller, but it is more intimate,” said Andres Fernandez, owner and company spokesperson for Salsa Kings. “Moving to a new location benefits our clients because our new location is optimized for onlineContinue reading “Salsa Kings Moves to a New Location in Miami”

What are the Ways to Become a Better Salsa Dancer?

Salsa is a relatively new dynamic dance and musical form, developed in Cuba through a combination of different styles and musical techniques. A musical phenomena of the early 1900s, Salsa represents a blend of Latin musical genres — the roots originated in Eastern Cuba as Mambo, Afro-Cuban dance, and Son Cubano were introduced on theContinue reading “What are the Ways to Become a Better Salsa Dancer?”


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