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Let’s get wild! The idea of Salsa dancing according to the general public is this passionate, fiery, almost chaotic type of music. There’s an image of two people dancing to a ‘crazy’ and ‘sexy’ song. Andres ask that you go back and listen to episode 50, ‘The Trinity’, which ties into this and how it manifests in the dance. The analogy Andres invokes is that of ‘fire’. Fire is powerful and hypnotic, much like the way salsa can draw the viewer in. Salsa is much like fire in that even though it is consistent, it is always changing, always powerful.

Why Private Dancing Lessons?

There are so many reasons why learners would want to take private lessons, and private dancing lessons are no different. This is such a fantastic way to learn that there really is no reason not to take private dance lessons if you want to improve or work on your skills. Here are the benefits andContinue reading “Why Private Dancing Lessons?”


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