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How to Deal with Nerves Before Your First Wedding Dance

It’s that moment! All eyes are on you both, as you take your first dance steps together as a married couple. This is the moment it becomes real. You might be nervous, but you don’t have to be. You can do this! Why? Because all that preparation and those dance lessons are going to makeContinue reading “How to Deal with Nerves Before Your First Wedding Dance”

How to Choose the Right Dance Studio

Think you can’t dance? Think again! It doesn’t matter if you have “two left feet,” are shy on the dance floor, or if the only salsa you’ve enjoyed has been on tacos. Set all that aside and get ready to learn how to move that body! Dancing is an excellent and fun way to getContinue reading “How to Choose the Right Dance Studio”

Salsa vs Bachata: What’s the Difference?

Whether you are looking to learn an exciting new skill, join a competition or even find a new workout, salsa or bachata classes in Miami may be for you. Both dances revolve around the movements of the dancers’ hips and legs, coordinated with music. While the two dance styles may look similar, there are manyContinue reading “Salsa vs Bachata: What’s the Difference?”


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