Commitment Ft. HookedOn2

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Welcome to Episode 36 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

This episode, Andres welcome special guests Ivette and Iggy Murga of HookedOn2 to talk about commitment. They’ve been dancing together for over twenty years, have been married for 32 years, teaching for 19 years, and performing for 14 years. If anyone knows anything about commitment, it’s these two.

Ivette and Iggy reminisce about their relationship, and how Ivette made the first move on Iggy for her eighth grade prom, which started their 37-year relationship. In Ivette’s junior year of high school, Iggy finally proposed. They stayed into a committed relationship since then and have just gotten their first grandchild. They also start talking about their journey into dance, and meeting a salsa teacher and going to the classes out of curiosity. They ended up enjoying it so much that they went to it every day they could. From there on, they started taking classes with other teachers and moved on and became more curious and expanded their repertoire and eventually found their calling through dance and teaching. Ivette discusses her move into teaching dancing from teaching elementary schools to getting an official career and it becoming a full time job.

Ivette always tells her teachers to always be learning and that YouTube, while not a substitute for teachers, is a useful resource to find new perspectives and ideas that might otherwise be harder to find. Andres talks about accessibility and how it makes commitment difficult. If things aren’t immediately exciting, it’s a lot more difficult to maintain the commitment.

Commitment is obviously the name of the game and Ivette and Iggy talk about their love of dance and the late nights they spent, and how good it felt, that it was something that needed that level of commitment. In addition to the love of the dance, they also discuss the challenges concerning children, family, work, and how those can all interrupt your passion and keep you from doing what you love, and how you can juggle it.

Those who struggle with their dedication to dance owe it themselves to listen to this podcast, not only to hear good advice on maintaining your diligence and passion, but also to hear an inspiring story of people who embody commitment, not just in their dance, but also in their romantic life and in every facet of their life.

“You have made not only a commitment to yourself, but also to the person who is leading that team… they’re gonna lay down rehearsal three times a week. You make sure you’re there three times a week. You’re committed to doing that rehearsal. You’re committed to making that movement. Whatever it is the goal they’re setting for you as a team member, that is the goal everyone is heading towards.”

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