Dance Is My Business Ft. Moshe Rasier

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Welcome to Episode 24 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

Tonight, Andres welcomes the first guest of the new year, Moshe Rasier. Moshe came to Miami in 2003 from Israel and got a Bachelor’s and Master’s. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and while he was studying he took dancing lessons and gained a passion for it. He combined his business know-how and his passion for dance to open a dance studio. He has also started a cruise for his students to be able to learn on the ocean. He is a master of combining the art of dancing with the realities of business.

Moshe talks about his own experience with dance and his history. He talks about how the more traditional corporate world was not a good fit for him, and how dance had become his escape. Dance was initially a hobby to develop a social life, though it quickly evolved into far more of a full-blown passion. He talks about his experiences in the student dance scene and how much it helped him get through school. After realizing corporate America wasn’t for him, the natural conclusion was to open a dance studio in 2008, with all the issues that happened at the time. Eventually, it led to the idea of taking the students on a cruise. His business had been growing and evolving ever since, becoming a massively successful studio and cruise.

Moshe also talks about his early experiences with the cruise and the harsh learning curve, particularly in the communication department, and how he managed to get the best of it. In 2013, he made it his own charter, and in 2017 he actually started a west coast addition in Los Angeles, now having two dance cruises.

Moshe talks about his future plans, such as a cruise to Cuba and being able to extend the length of the cruise. Rasier is always on the move, working to improve his dance business and give his students the best experience he can.

Moshe also discusses the experiences of the business world and how to make that work with the dancing world, and the immense work that is involved with that. He talks about the need to grab opportunities and plan for the future. Those who aspire to dancing and who want to understand the journey of making money while dancing in ways that people don’t immediately think of will definitely find fascinating things in this episode.

“Know your why, know yourself, be persistent in what you do. I mean, look, it’s everywhere. I’m not inventing anything… It’s just a matter of actually doing it, and consistency.”

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