I Want To Dance With You

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Welcome to Episode 48 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

I want to dance with you, with stress on You. For someone to want to dance with you, there has to be something special about you in particular. Everyone has something that makes them different, but do you know what it is? This is something you have to discover about yourself by finding what feels good for you and that you enjoy and follow it. This is how you can find your style. What do you dance like? The answer is a combination of your idols, plus the ever-important ingredient that is you. By taking from all these people, you become a mixture of both them and yourselves.

While you can’t rush that process, you can start it right away. There’s no point where you can’t introspect or allow yourself to start self-discovery. You aren’t just helping yourself by doing this, you are also helping your other dancers. You give them someone memorable and someone that they would want to dance with. Being yourself can be both a gratifying and humbling experience that helps you discover your best qualities as well as letting others see them as well.

Trying to rush it, though, can make it feel fake or like you’re just showing off. This is why it’s important to do it naturally. The important thing is to be comfortable with yourself and what you can do and what you want to do. This can be a very easy thing, so long as you keep the focus on yourself and not trying to impress or please others above yourself. If you are dancing purely for the satisfaction of others, you will always be disappointed, because the only person who can be perfectly happy with your dancing is you. 

And other people can help too. Every person will help you find what you like or what you don’t, or what you find cool. They will bring their own personality to you and you will see yourself reflected in them. It is through this kind of experience and socialization that you will be able to find what truly suits you.

If you want to truly enjoy dance and have others want to dance with you, you need to find yourself in dance. Who, exactly, are you? When you answer that question, you will be able to find your perfect style.

“Whatever those attributes are what make you you, that’s what you bring to the table. Then, dancing with someone else, they bring different things to the table that you’re able to see how with the music you’re able to create something beautiful with that.”

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