People Power!

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Welcome to Episode 9 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

This week, Andres introduces us to the concept of ‘people power’. Here he talks about people and their need to take the reigns and responsibility for the changes they can make in the world. This is power that can be used in many circumstances, but Andres wants to specifically talk about it in terms of how change can be brought to the Latin dance community. While small, it is a growing industry, and that means that your personal choices can have an even bigger impact in this industry than it would in others. While the Latin music industry can’t immediately turned into a juggernaut that will be on the level of other music industries, there are steps that we all can take as performers or even as fans to help make the Latin music world flourish. Andres discusses some examples that can give a Latin dance a wider audience, such as the film Shine, which showcases the different types of dances in the community. He also wants people to understand how economics affects the Latin community

Supply and demand are the most basic factors of any economy, and we as consumers control the demand of things, and that affects supplies. Andres uses Apple as an example of how they affect demand and supply with their shaky business products. He talks about our buying power and how we can change their mind about their business practices by voting with our wallet. Andres also talks about the indolence of many people who think their single choice will not affect anything, but if you still do your part, you can at least make that change on your level, and if more people realized their personal choices, they can all make a larger difference together.

Specifically bringing it to music, Andres discusses the music industry and how it’s decided that songs do or do not go viral. He points out our power as consumers. We don’t have to listen to music we don’t like. By reacting to their music, we can not only tell companies not to do lousy things, but also give them examples of what we actually do want.

He also discusses politics and how we as people can be able to move forward and work to understand each other rather than simply snipe at each other, and of course to vote! You can’t just complain and whine and do nothing, then be surprised when nothing changes. It lies on us to at least try and make a small change.

Coming back to music, he talks about what artists can do to change things. Salsa artists need to take responsibility for the change they can. It can be something as small as just doing what you like and making art that you love. Don’t succumb to the crowd and make sure you’re making the art you like, rather than sacrifice your vision for what the corporations and large trends are telling you to do.

By looking at our own personal choices, we can think about what we can actually do what we want to or need to, so we can make the world or even just our lives.

Putting the attention on the things that we want, specifically in the Latin dance industry, I try invite you to promote or support your local or favorite dance artists, or support your local or favorite dance band. Your local or favorite dance school. Your local or favorite dance club. If there’s a certain type of music you like to hear and it’s positive and it’s a good environment… this is something we need to actively support it, because that is what allows it to keep it going.”​

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