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Welcome to Episode 27 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

This week Andres wants you to START NOW. In many ways, it is a follow-up to the step by step story. He wants you to understand the fear that can paralyze you and keep you from doing the dancing or whatever hobby you want to have will always be there, and it is important not to let it keep you from pursuing your passions. Things will happen with or without you, and realizing this will hopefully push you to do more. This is why you need to START NOW. Time delayed is time lost. There is always some nervousness of the inability to see the end goal, or even of how daunting that end goal is, but you can’t let that get in the way of your work.

Andres points out that you don’t need to be able to see the end goal, so long as you can see the next step in your journey.

There is also the initial challenge of actually starting it, the move away from becoming static. It’s the most challenging part, and it’s the most frightening for everyone. There’s no shame in fear, but what must be done is to overcome the fear and do it anyways. Everyone experiences that fear, so don’t be ashamed of feeling it.

To do this, you need to want it and understand that time will not wait, that today is just as good as any to start. The other alternative is realizing that you don’t actually want a goal that much, and that’s fine. It’s fine to not actually want to goal. Be self-aware about it. That kind of honesty is important and means that energy can be put towards other things. You’ll now have other energy towards the thing you really do want to do, which will make you more happy.

It doesn’t have to be active, though. Starting now can also be focusing on what you need to so that you can be able to actively do things. Learn to say no to things, but also learn to say yes to things. Move your schedule around if you need, save your money, go to dance school more often, do what you have to to get where you need to.

When you make the steps towards getting what you want is when things will actually get. Keep in mind, that waiting won’t get you anything. Getting what you want is up to you. You need to START NOW.

“I encourage you, I challenge you, today, tonight, find out what that first step is. It doesn’t matter how small, but you’re gonna feel good about yourself and you’re gonna have that sense of momentum going forward.”

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