The Click

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Welcome to Episode 33 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

This week, Andres wants to talk about The Click. This episode is a companion piece to the previous episode, The Plateau, so please listen to that one before listening to this. It will make the episode far more clear if you do.

As you reach ‘second gear’ in your dancing and begin incorporating your dancing, you will experience ‘the click’: a sheer euphoria will overcome you. This is why Andres recommends dance to everyone, because it’s such a better type of high than so many of the far less healthy types of highs and escapes that people seek.

This is why it’s important to move beyond the physical and technical and into the emotional, so that you can use the music to express yourself. When this click happens, and you can tap into how the music makes you feel, filling your dance with the emotions you feel instead of just following the scripted motions.

What’s important is that once this feeling happens, the emotion is going to be so overpowering that you’ll almost be upset that you haven’t gotten to this area immediately. However, like everything else, it requires practice and diligence. It isn’t something you can immediately call upon like a switch. Once you’ve ‘clicked’ you’re always going to be seeking to recall it again, and may relapse in simply following the system.

It’s something that has to come to you, though. It’s not about rigidly forcing yourself into the situation, it’s about letting the music and dance overtake yourself. It’s about putting yourself in a position of openness and vulnerability to it.

That’s the true purposes of the rules of this. These habits and rules are ideally to help you get more into the music and dance. It’s a unique experience that cannot be matched.

Andres urges people not to rush this or become frustrated. It will take time, learning, and gaining an intuition where eventually you will have that control to be able to automatically turn your tune into the music, to the point you’ll be able to do it even with music or dance partners you don’t particularly care for. You will be able to reflexively be able to enjoy the music and dance for what it is.

Capturing this feeling may feel like grasping at the wind at first, but each successive attempt will make it easier, and make your dancing all the more rewarding.

“You can carry this into your life when you’re having a bad day… When you’re able to control this and you’re able to choose -quite literally- to be happy, to be in a euphoric state at all times is huge!”

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