Beginner Tips

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Welcome to Episode 2 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

If you have recently started your dance journey or are thinking of picking up dancing as a hobby, this episode is for you!

Your host Andres, like many of you, started off with zero dance experience and has been spreading the knowledge about what ideals should be held priority in the mindset of a beginner to all of his students for years. Now you too can have this newly found, or perhaps reinforced, awareness for yourself or your friend who is just getting started. The importance of truly keeping it simple along with the power of “line dances” to help you get comfortable in your own skin in the beginning are just some of the awesome tips covered. Enjoy!

“We sometimes feel that we need to understand certain things or steps beforehand, but the purpose here is not about the correct steps but more so about having a good time and enjoying yourself. When you are out on the dance floor, do your simple two-step, and really try and enjoy doing that! Just do that!”

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