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Welcome to Episode 3 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

Dancing is cooperative act, yet so many people act in a manner that doesn’t consider their partner or their environment when engaging in the act.

Your host Andres explains that this is why Chameleonizing is so important. Chameleonizing is the act of taking those around you into consideration, and adapting to them. By doing this, you can create a superior experience that both of you can enjoy. It isn’t simply a physical technique, but also a question of emotional empathy. Not only should you take your partner into account -their skill, temperament, and attitude- but also the environment you are dancing in.  This way you can maximize enjoyment for everyone involved. Is the place crowded? Loud? Quiet? What is the atmosphere of the venue? What kind of mood are people in? You should identify and adapt to all of these things.

Chameleonizing is a complicated technique, but that’s why it’s important to discuss it early on. By keeping your eye out on it, you can become a better dancer and increase the enjoyment that both you and your partner experience. If you can learn to chameleonize, then you’ll notice an improvement in the quality of your dancing and have more fun when you’re on the dance floor.

“A chameleon adapts to its environment. A chameleon camouflages itself, depending on what it’s on, referring specifically to the color over anything. But what I wanted to be able to deliver with this word is the idea when referring to the physical connection with somebody more in particular that you want to be able to adapt yourself -both to lead and to follow- to each other to ultimately prioritize the success of the social dance itself.”

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