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Welcome to Episode 73 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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What makes for the best dance ever? In dance, the goal is to have the best dance you can. Every single time you should be giving the best performance you can. This is why Andres tries to go over broad basic principles that can be applied to various situations, rather than hard specifics that require unique circumstances. This gives dancers numerous pieces to work with and improvise with, rather than be paralyzed by a circumstance they’ve never encountered. 

Andres wants to talk about the innocent principle: the principle of the best dance ever. The idea is that you should go into the dance with the hope that this dance is the best dance ever. With this positive attitude, you can better focus on the things rather than being anxious about what could possibly go wrong. Andres admits that he has been guilty of this himself and urges people to try and edit their viewpoint away from anxiety about screwing up and more towards hope of exceeding yourself. 

Sometimes Andres has been guilty of being recalcitrant to dance with people for various reasons, so he would go in with a level of negativity. He would expect to do the heavy lifting or to have to guide the dancer more heavily and this would limit him. He would only see the failures and issues with the dance. While he would still enjoy this, he would be weighing himself down with issues with the dance, rather than realizing the ways in which the dance shined.

Andres has seen a giant change in what has come from this. This isn’t to say the flaws aren’t there, but by looking for  the positive, you find it. Not only does this make this experience more engaging and fun for everyone, but you find out the things you should be doing rather than things that you want to avoid. This results in a more successful dance and a much happier experience. Letting things get in the way such as a dancer’s experience is simply ignoring that inexperienced dancers can also teach you something. 

The goal should be to make every dance the best dance ever. Throw away your fears of failure on work on realizing everything you succeed at in a dance, and then you’ll have your best dance ever. 

“It is better to make a decision than not make a decision, even if the decision ends up not being the correct one. That gives you an opportunity to learn and to move forward.”

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