RESILIENCE w/ Ataca y La Alemana

In today’s time, we find that we need resilience more than ever. Who better to learn from than the world bachata legends, Ataca (Jorge Burgos) y La Alemana (Tanja Kensinger) who have and continue to endure too much. Tune into this awesome interview! Never miss a beat and SUBSCRIBE to receive Salsa Kings LIVE notifications on right here on YouTube or via Text Message: Text the word JOIN to 69922

You’re a Superhero

Today, you get to hear a favorite story of Andres’. It’s a story of one of his students. While working with his student Alex, he received a new perspective. During these unprecedented times, it’s easy to get depressed by all the difficult news and tragedy we learn about. It seems that we have overlooked the value of a joke, a song, and yes, a dance. In tough times, the ability to make one temporarily forget about the woes of the world, or even to just smile for a bit is invaluable. Now, more than ever, everyone can benefit from the healing and therapeutic power of dance.