Salsa Lesson – Different Methods of Instructions

If you’ve been thinking the only way to salsa involves a nice, salty corn chip, then chances are you are going to need to put down the Tostitos and pop into a salsa lesson or two before you are ready to hit the dance floor. But just like there are numerous different types of salsas—CubanContinue reading “Salsa Lesson – Different Methods of Instructions”

Four Tips for Choosing the Right Salsa Dance Class

Are you looking for something to take you away from all the stress of the past year? If you are doing a google search for dance companies near me, then you are probably interested in learning all about the different styles of dance that you and your partner can do together that will transport youContinue reading “Four Tips for Choosing the Right Salsa Dance Class”

What to Expect from a Private Salsa Lesson

Have you always wanted to learn how to salsa dance, but you have been too shy to try a group lesson? Maybe you didn’t want to show up without a partner or you just learn better with one-on-one instruction. Perhaps you have a special event coming up and need private instruction to learn faster thanContinue reading “What to Expect from a Private Salsa Lesson”

Salsa Dancing – A Great Way to Spark a Romance!

Whether you are looking to bring a little heat to a long-term relationship or fan the flames of a new romance, salsa dance lessons are the spark you need. Salsa is an incredibly intimate dance that is not only fun, but also a great opportunity to grow closer to that special someone. If you haveContinue reading “Salsa Dancing – A Great Way to Spark a Romance!”

What are the Ways to Become a Better Salsa Dancer?

Salsa is a relatively new dynamic dance and musical form, developed in Cuba through a combination of different styles and musical techniques. A musical phenomena of the early 1900s, Salsa represents a blend of Latin musical genres — the roots originated in Eastern Cuba as Mambo, Afro-Cuban dance, and Son Cubano were introduced on theContinue reading “What are the Ways to Become a Better Salsa Dancer?”

What Makes the Online Salsa Lessons Popular?

It’s a lot of fun to go out salsa dancing, but not so much fun if you don’t feel like you know what you are doing! That’s only one of the reasons why free online salsa lessons are so popular. There are many more reasons why more couples and individuals are staying in and practicingContinue reading “What Makes the Online Salsa Lessons Popular?”

What are the Essential Features of Beginner’s Salsa Lessons?

Are you currently typing “salsa lessons near me” into your search engine? Then you are likely looking for beginners’ classes to help you learn this incredible, energetic dance style. And if that is what you are looking for, then you will need beginners’ classes that help you learn not just the steps, but love forContinue reading “What are the Essential Features of Beginner’s Salsa Lessons?”