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Welcome to Episode 80 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Whether at the Farmer’s Market or on the dance floor, you want your ingredients to be organic. You don’t want your dancing to be artificial or not something that is completely you. When you dance, the movements, your twists and turns should be organic. They should not be forced or pushed into an artificial choice that you feel pressured or required to do. You might want to perform certain actions without feeling the music move you naturally. If you are pushing the dance in a certain way that doesn’t feel natural, it won’t match the music and it won’t be an organic dance.

So how do we find this elusive organic dance? It’s easier said than done to find this. The big problem is you can’t be shown by someone else. What is required for your dance to feel natural is to figure out your own dancing. How do you move? How does the music inspire you? How can you dance in the way that only you can dance? There’s no one way to find this and it will take practice and inner searching to find the organic dancer that you can be.

This doesn’t mean that your dance has to be some mind blowingly new thing that no one else has ever seen before. It simply means that you should look for the dance that feels organic, that feels like you. It’s about removing unnecessary artificial movements. It’s about finding the movements that don’t feel weird or aren’t distracting. It’s about feeling like the dance is a dance and not a set of calculated movements. 

Classes can often hinder this attitude in beginners. It can give them a sense of nervousness and needlessly rigid structure towards specific moves that can be awkward. Humans move naturally all the time, but once they enter the dance hall, they can become inorganic in their movements, having filled their mindset with a set of rigid structures that limit their mind and their dancing. Your responsibility as a student is to realize that you can still feel natural as a dancer even as you are learning.

Dancing, like any art, does have a set of patterns, lessons, and rules to learn, but those rules are there to help a dancer find themselves, not to restrict them.  If you want to find out what your organic dance is, look within yourself to find what feels like you. 

“You’ll be surprised at the amount of energy you’ll be able to self-generate by simply allowing yourself to relax and let the music run through you. …You can do this too by allowing yourself to breathe, allowing yourself to relax, and not having the pressures of executing everything that you learned on the dance floor with that specific person with that specific song for every single song that you ever dance.”

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