CLARITY ft. Mari Martinez

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Welcome to Episode 87 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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This episode has Andres welcomes Mari Martinez to the podcast. They discuss the subject of clarity. Mari is a dancer who owns a studio and comes from the competitive world. Mari discusses how once she was into competition and took it very seriously, before realizing it was negatively affecting her path through dance. She decided to focus more on the parts of dance that offered her joy. 

This is where clarity comes in. There needs to be a level of self-awareness in dance in what you are made for. What is it that brings you joy? What is it that keeps you coming back to the dance floor. If you love the spirit of competition then you should absolutely use that to keep coming. That drive will help you excel. However, if the brutal world of competition crushes your love of dance and discourages you, you should probably look to other places to get your dance fix. It’s important to remember that dance is supposed to be fun first and foremost.

Mari also discusses clarity in teaching her students. Some of her students absolutely love competition in a way that she doesn’t and want to push themselves as well as to be pushed by their teachers. Here, Mari believes she has a responsibility to this type of student and wants to do right by here. This is clarity as a teacher and towards dancers around you. 

Mari discusses the discovery of the joy of the process. Not just in dance, but in all forms of things in life. Simply doing something for the sake of a result is a good way to set yourself up for disappointment. Rather than emphasize the things that you do not automatically have or will not automatically get, emphasize the aspects of the dance that will bring you joy.

Mari brings her own perspective to what it means to have clarity in a world of dogged competition and not having that same desire to compete and win as others. Through this kind of clarity and serenity she is able to reaffirm her love of dancing rather than slog through it. 

“I learned that the process was so much more fun than the final moment. The whole getting in there part really made me the person I am and more humble to the competition.”

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