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Welcome to Episode 51 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

Welcome to the newest episode of Salsa Kings Live! Andres is here to talk about courage. Andres talks about how he displays courage every time he goes up, not just on the dance stage, but when getting on this very podcast, and despite not automatically being on top of everything 100%, he still tries to prepare for the now and show by example of how to act with courage. 

Andres speaks on how all things are connected. Courage on the dance floor is also courage for other aspects of life. These things are all connected. Just because you aren’t automatically ready, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a try. Especially if something is your first attempt, you won’t have everything under control. The threat of failure can be daunting, so how do you deal with that and find the courage to go forward, even if you don’t have complete confidence or preparation?

The fact of the matter is we’re never actually completely ready. Champions are not made in the ring but in the gym. Ultimately, it’s all an execution of things that you have already done. It isn’t even that practice makes perfect, but that perfect practice makes perfect. It’s by doing these things in practice that you can build both preparation and courage. The preparation is in beforehand.

If you care about the end result, of course, you will be nervous. It is important to understand and accept this fear and still work beyond it. In regards to dancing, there are obvious examples, such as asking someone you like to dance with you. It’ll be hardest the first time, but practice makes you more used to it and more confident when you do it.

Andres also speaks about the importance of being pushed forward. Staying in your comfort zone won’t improve you. This is where courage is truly needed, to be able to continue to push forward and improve your own craft, as well as your confidence in it.

It is easy to become daunted by things, particularly the social dangers of going out and dancing. No one wants to feel like they’ve made a fool of themselves and get laughed at. But that is what preparation, practice, and a little bit of grit are for. You won’t be completely good at these things until you actually do them. So, get yourself ready and show your courage.

“I want you guys to be okay. The butterflies are gonna be there with whatever it is that you go about doing. I challenge you to go about doing it with smaller things first. Pulling a flower and giving it to a girl next to you even if you don’t know her… It’s the exercise, taking that step, moving forward in something you want to do in spite of fear, representing who you are as a person.”

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