Woman Power

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Welcome to Episode 52 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

This episode, Andres wants to talk about the power of a woman and what they stand for.  He also wants to address a misconception that women are trying to express themselves on the same dimensions as men, However, Andres wants it to be known that they operate on a completely different level, a more natural connection to feelings and emotions. Men need to be able to appreciate and understand that, to appreciate a woman’s ability to point out and hone in and emotion and expression.

Women call men stupid because they simply are not wired for that kind of intuition. It is a basic aspect of womanhood to be in tune with these things, and for men, it is much more difficult to keep in touch with them. This is a struggle women often have, to have the patience and strength to be able to remind men to keep on track. Women have to be clear and direct to make sure that men understand their feelings, which are more important than many men can understand.

It is also in the interests of men to respect that as well as being moral. 

In terms of dance, Andres tells women that the turn pattern is something the man will tend to have more control over, whereas for women the job of the following is to be able to take the music and feel it and amplify it, to translate it into the art and emotions. This artistry, this ability to self-express is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Without the emotional side, which men struggle with, the dance will simply feel robotic and less interesting. Without this woman’s power, without this emotional intelligence, the dance will feel bereft of anything real or emotion. It isn’t a dance, it’s just a set of moves that you are repeating. 

This understanding of the need for emotion is what keeps a lot of people from learning to fully embrace a true dance and to express themselves. For a woman, the primary job isn’t learning the perfect steps, but to learn to be themselves and show their beauty to the world. Once you learn that, you will learn your woman’s power.

“Ladies, I’m not saying this is easy, but have the courage to not allow yourself to judge yourself. To not allow your partner to judge you… Ladies, you’re perfect. Please start to believe that.”

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