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Welcome to Episode 127 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Welcome to episode 127 of the Salsa Kings Podcast “Dancer’s High.” In today’s episode, we go deep into the concept of the “dancer’s high,” a euphoric state that’s achieved through connecting with the music, your partner, and most importantly, yourself.

Key Points:

  1. The Trinity: Connecting with Music, Partner, and Self
    • Distinguishing between a mover and a true dancer: A dancer is creatively inspired and expresses genuine emotions.
    • Achieving “the trinity” by letting go of ego, insecurities, and inhibitions to represent your true self.
  1. The Dancer’s High: A Taste of Euphoria
    • The “dancer’s high” is euphoria or a “taste of heaven.”
    • Emphasizing the importance of allowing the feeling to come naturally, not forcing it.
  1. Fine vs Fee: The Cost of Progress
    • Drawing parallels between a fine and a fee: A fine is a penalty and is forced, while a fee is a choice to pay the price.
    • You need patience, consistent practice, and allowing the mind to shut off during the learning process.
  1. Embracing Boredom and Presence
    • Encouraging dancers to find opportunities in boredom, annoyance, and stress.
    • Practicing presence as a means to allow euphoria to manifest naturally, even in distracting environments like clubs.


“Killing your ego means your insecurities are dropped, and the mind shuts off, and we can truly express not only ourselves but represent the music and your partner.”

“To allow something to arrive, you don’t have to do anything, you have to do NOTHING.”

“Dance shouldn’t feel like homework. These boring moments are opportunities in disguise to work on something else.”

Closing Thoughts:

In the pursuit of the dancer’s high, remember that it’s not just about the movements; having the patience, and the presence to allow it to arrive. By connecting with the music, your partner, and yourself, you can unlock a euphoric experience that’s unimaginable. Embrace the plateau, use boredom as a means to grow, and let the dancer’s high become a part of your essence. Dance freely, dance passionately, and let the music guide you to a higher state of being.

Thank you for joining us on this episode “Dancer’s High.” 

Keep dancing, keep feeling, and stay patient. Until next time, stay inspired and keep dancing!

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