Easier Said Than Done

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Welcome to Episode 29 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

In this episode, Andres wants you to understand others. It’s easy to talk about people in a positive or even negative light, and believe they’ve got it made and they’re geniuses who have everything sorted out. Andres wants you to know that this is clearly not the case. The important thing here is that we will all help each other out, and that we have something to offer each other.

There are some who do have advantages, or even who have earlier inspirations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also have struggles. Of course, this extends beyond dance, to work, exercise, and beyond. It’s all easier said than done.

It’s something people need to mindful of. What you are doing is difficult. You aren’t broken and this isn’t beyond you. Realizing this is the first important step. This is something you need to understand. There are some people who do manage to push through, but it doesn’t change the need for the hard work.

It’s easy to get discouraged by hearing people talk about their accomplishments, particularly in this era of social media. It’s important to note, these people also went through struggle, hardship, and sacrifice, and you don’t know what they’re going through now. It’s important to respect the work that has gone into that.

It’s important to appreciate yourself in all this, to congratulate yourself for the work you’re doing, because this is work that everyone else is doing too. We’re all fighting against our doubts and insecurities, so it’s important not to let those be paralytic. This also ties into a previous episode, where you have to get into a more positive mindset as soon as possible, as time not spent on this is time lost.

It easy to get discouraged by others success and that it’s difficult for you, but the fact that it’s easier said than done for everyone. Acknowledge how it’s difficult. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

“I challenge you to go ahead, start now, but that that’s easier said than done. Easier said than done but do it. Do it now, as you’re going to be proud of yourself later on. Don’t judge yourself on your delays, don’t judge yourself on how long it’s taken. That’s all extra negativity. That’s all extra things that are gonna hold you back.”

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