Five Tips to Learn the Bachata Like a Professional

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Salsa Kings® is Miami’s elite in Latin entertainment, and one of our most popular services is our Bachata dance class. Think you can’t master this dance? Think again! No experience is necessary. We can take you from the sidelines to the dance floor in no time at all thanks to our Bachata classes in Miami. This is a sensual, rhythmic dance full of passion and soul. Read on for five tips on how to learn the Bachata!

1) Embrace your “Naughty” Side

The history of the Bachata is one of passion and pain. The dance itself emotes a love story but there is a political side to it too. At one time the steamy Bachata was thought to be a little on the immoral side… Well, that was the opinion of the dictatorship that ruled the Dominican Republic at the time. Instead of being stamped out, however, the Bachata went underground where the dance continued to grow in popularity. Today it is a fusion of old and new styles enjoyed by dancing couples around the world. Take Bachata classes in Miami to unleash your sensual side, or to honor a dance that was too “naughty” for “polite” society – but made a well deserved comeback.

2) Follow the Timing of the Music

People think they can’t dance because they don’t have rhythm. You don’t need rhythm; that is in the music. All you have to do is follow it. The Bachata is a stepped dance. Before learning the moves, try closing your eyes and listening to the music. In your mind, follow the rhythm by visualizing taking a step on each beat. Once you get better at sensing the timing, it is easier to bring the dance steps and the music together.

3) Find Your Style

Bachata classes in Miami embrace different styles of the dance. The traditional style remains focused on the dance’s origins. The modern style incorporates other Latin dance forms. Watch videos or take classes on both styles. You may find you learn the Bachata better in one form over another.

4) Go online

If going to a dance class in person is a bit intimidating, or you are not near a studio for Bachata classes in Miami, go online! Salsa Kings® has virtual classes so everyone can get involved! Simply sign up for a group class then join online when it is broadcasted.

5) Practice

Outside of your Bachata classes in Miami, practice. There is a reason why they say, “practice makes perfect.” Dancing is a skill – skills take time. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t pick up the moves right away. With some practice time, you’ll be sashaying to the beat and loving every minute.

Take Bachata Classes in Miami

The best way to learn the Bachata like a pro is to take Bachata classes in Miami. Salsa King® has experienced teachers, fun classes, great music and in person and online instruction. We are among the city’s best known and loved places for Latin dance classes and entertainment. To learn the Bachata while having fun, contact us today.

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