How to Deal with Nerves Before Your First Wedding Dance

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It’s that moment! All eyes are on you both, as you take your first dance steps together as a married couple. This is the moment it becomes real. You might be nervous, but you don’t have to be. You can do this! Why? Because all that preparation and those dance lessons are going to make this a magical moment.

If you are nervous about performing in front of people, even on what should be the happiest day of your life, then the best way to get prepared is to search for ‘wedding dance lessons near me’ and make the dance a part of the wedding planning. With the right dance lessons for the whole wedding party, you can easily deal with those nerves and be confident, poised and prepared when your moment arrives. Here is how to deal with the nerves before your first wedding dance.

Make some music and choreography decisions

The wedding dance is part of the overall wedding planning, and you can start preparing now by choosing the number of dances to have at the wedding, the style of the dances and the choreography and music. Be sure that you and your partner plan this together so that you both enjoy it, and the wedding guests will love it too. ‘Wedding dance lessons near me’ will help with the planning aspect and a great teacher can give a bit of advice along with the lessons.

Practice a lot more than you think will be needed

Once the planning has begun, you have your dance song selected and you have finalized the people in the wedding party (they might want dance lessons too), then you can start the dance lessons and the practicing. The more you practice, the less nervous you will be. After all, the more you practice and prepare the more the dance moves will become second nature. If you practice enough, you won’t have to memorize your moves, you’ll instinctively know them. That will create all the confidence you need to hit the floor with your new partner. There really is no such thing as too much practice. It is freeing and relaxing, and that beautiful moment will be a wonderful memory.

Combine group lessons and private lessons

If you can’t decide between group lessons or private lessons, plan some of both. If you are shy, then private lessons are a good idea to get you started. Later, group lessons with other people will get you used to dancing in front of others, and you may find it fun to be in a setting with others who are learning. Group lessons will provide an affordable opportunity to practice as much as possible but are also a great option if you are planning a big number that involves the whole wedding party.

Make sure you have the right outfit

Dancing is an athletic activity, so do have the best shoes for the activity. Change into appropriate dancing shoes and if you need to change into something relaxing and comfortable for the dance portion, then take a moment to do that.

Still nervous? Take a moment beforehand and calm yourself. A few deep breaths and a reminder of all that you are grateful for will put you in the right mood and give you a sense of clarity. This is your moment, and you will both remember it forever. Opting for ‘wedding dance lessons’ is a great way to build confidence and provide your guests with a wedding to remember.

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