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Welcome to Episode 82 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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This week, Andres is back by popular demand and today he’ll be discussing give or take, particularly in terms of energy. Is it being given or taken? It’s important to remember that as much as dance is an art form, it’s also a hobby and pastime where the important thing is to have fun and for your dance partner to have fun. On the dance floor, the desire should be to give, to offer energy through your dance that will be transferred not just to your partner, but to the other people on the dance floor as well. This isn’t just consideration. On a psychological as well as even physical level, being an emotional giver will result in a more satisfying time for you as well.

Giving requires some flexibility. If you’re coming in with preconceived notions about what is the ‘right’ way to dance, that will come out and hurt the dance. It’s important to go in with an open mind and from a place of abundance and generosity. 

Think about how you dance. Are you tired after it? Are you sweating and breathing hard? If so, you probably are taking energy. It becomes wasted and evaporates, diminishing the dance floor. This taking of energy ruins the dance for you and for others.Your partner will also be exhausted. This is mental just as much as it is physical. To be able to give, you need to let yourself be open to the music and the feelings. If you’re obsessed with getting the moves ‘right’, then you are just going to exhaust yourself because you’re closing yourself off from those emotions. You’re just taking the energy out and expending it to create a poorer dance. 

There is of course still an element of technique that comes to opening yourself up and being able to give. It’s something that takes practice and understanding of the basics of dance. However, at a point, you have to be willing to open yourself. You shouldn’t be feeling resistance, either from the music or your partner. You should be giving to them just as they give to you. 

Dancing is an emotional and social art and emotions are a core part of them. But when you dance are you giving the energy needed to be in that dance? Or are you so obsessed with your technique, your footwork, how you saw a master do it? If so, then you will just be tiring yourself out with that anxiety. Remember that with dance if you aren’t having fun then you’re doing it wrong. 

“The best way to do this is to check your results. At the end of the dance -not during because it’s very important to be present- ask how did we leave our dance partner? How did it feel to us versus something that you just checked off?”

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