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Welcome to Episode 115 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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In this episode we go deep into the pursuit of personal growth, particularly in dance, how the journey from zero to one represents a crucial leap. This initial progress, transitioning from nothing to something, sets the foundation for continuous development. In the world of social dance, the objective is to connect with the music and partner, a fundamental principle often overlooked. The concept of “Goal of 1” emphasizes this pivotal starting point and advocates for simplicity, connection, and authenticity in dance.

Key Points:

  1. Importance of the First Step:
    • The first unit of growth, from zero to one, marks the beginning of the dance journey and makes subsequent progress easier.
    • The myth of overnight success neglects the effort and time required to build momentum.
  2. Simplicity and Connection:
    • The goal is to dance a song, staying in sync with the music and partner, emphasizing connection over complicated techniques.
    • “Less is more” – simplicity allows for a deeper connection and expression in dance.
  3. Overcoming Inhibitions:
    • Creativity flourishes in a safe environment; mental inhibitions should not hinder expression in dance.
    • Frequent self-assessment: Can one dance without looking down, tensing shoulders, and while consciously breathing?
  4. Embracing Creative Expression:
    • Avoiding imitation and allowing personal expression to shine.
    • Dropping the ego and embracing discomfort leads to genuine creativity and self-expression.
  5. Non-linear Growth:
    • Art and dance do not follow a linear path; creativity is boundless and not confined to structured learning.
    • The focus should be on the journey’s fluidity, embracing ups, downs, and unexpected turns.


  • “It takes a lifetime to be an overnight millionaire.”
  • “We’re focused on doing more instead of doing better.”
  • “Don’t worry ’bout that.” – Galo, Salsa Kings Instructor

Closing Thoughts:

The essence of the “Goal of 1” lies in the simplicity of connection, both with the music and dance partner. This foundational principle challenges dancers to move away from imitation, embrace discomfort, and drop their egos. By emphasizing the first step, promoting simplicity, and nurturing genuine connections, dancers can delve into the boundless realm of creativity. In the dance journey, the objective is not a linear climb but a continuous exploration, allowing personal expression to flourish and evolve. Ultimately, the “Goal of 1” serves as a reminder that true artistry in dance stems from authenticity, connection, and the freedom to express oneself without constraints.

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