How to Choose the Right Song for Your Father-Daughter Dance at Your Wedding

One of the most cherished moments for many brides is the father-daughter dance. Choosing the perfect song can be difficult but also incredibly rewarding, since it will be an important and emotional part of your big day. In this blog post, we’ll offer some helpful tips to help you choose the right song for your father-daughter dance.

1) Start by Thinking About Songs That are Important to You and Your Dad

The choice of a father-daughter dance song is not an easy one. It is a moment that is both sentimental and joyful, and finding a song that perfectly encapsulates all of those emotions can be challenging. It’s best to think of songs that are meaningful to the two of you. Perhaps there’s a song your dad always associates with you, like “My Girl” or “Butterfly Kisses.”

If you have a couple of songs like that, then you are off to a good start. You don’t have to decide between them yet, but beginning to consider options gives you a place to start thinking through the other criteria for a great father-daughter dance song.

2) Get Your Dad’s Opinion

You will want to make sure that both you and your dad are comfortable dancing to the chosen song. It’s important to ask your father what kind of music he is most comfortable dancing to. Is he more of a slow-dance kind of guy, or does he prefer something more upbeat? Many dads aren’t comfortable in the spotlight and dancing, so picking the right song can put them at ease. It can also be nice for them to feel involved in the moment. The dance, after all, is a chance to spend some time with your dad during the leadup to your wedding, so ask him about what songs he likes to make it extra special.

3) Consider the Tempo and Style of Music

Choosing the right tempo and style of music is crucial to ensuring that the dance is enjoyable for everyone, including you and your father. Perhaps a slow, sentimental song is best for a meaningful moment, or maybe a more upbeat, fun song will get everyone up and dancing together. Think about what you want for that moment. Do you want it to be fun? Intimate? The moment before the dance floor opens up to everyone else? The beat and style of the song will dictate which song is best for that moment in the night.

4) Keep the Song Under Three Minutes

Short and sweet. That should be the aim of any father-daughter dance. Keeping the song under three minutes ensures you have time to dance and create a special moment without feeling like things may drag on too long.

Where to Get Help with Your Father-Daughter Dance

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