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Welcome to Episode 68 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

This may be a frustrating episode to hear, because when talking about intangible things like feelings they need a lot of descriptions that may not connect or describe them adequately for everyone. Regardless, the best way to describe today’s subject is ‘It’s a feeling’.

Everything that lies in dance and its power comes from a feeling. You don’t simply want to do the dance and execute by a machine. You want to be able to feel the music, feel the dance, feel what makes it so powerful. The bright side of this is that everyone is able to feel a dance properly. Andres has spoken before about how the idea that you need to be born into dance or have some innate talent in their blood to be dancers is a load of crock. If anything, this attitude only discourages potential dancers from joining in on a wonderful art. So long as anyone is given proper guidance, then of course they can feel the music.

Latin Dance is a source of joy and love, and no matter who you are, how you are born, or where you’re from, can provide you with an unparalleled feeling. No one is exempt from that. Unfortunately, we can often create our own roadblocks to feeling this joy. Just because we are thinking creatures does not mean we cannot attune ourselves to a feeling. Just because one can execute a move better or explain the techniques does not automatically mean that you are closer to it. They can often even prevent you from becoming truly in tune with the feeling.

Andres challenges his listeners to feel the art. It’s something that can’t be put into words, but isn’t even limited to salsa music. After listening to this podcast, Andres wants you to put on your favorite song and simply try to feel the music. Pay attention to the music and the words and the feeling that the musician is trying to convey. Let the emotion overtake you, rather than the technique.

The feeling of music is ephemeral and difficult to communicate concretely, but that makes it no less powerful. The point of dance, the point of all art, is to feel. Make sure that the feeling doesn’t pass you by.

“Don’t connect to me. Connect to what I’m connecting to so that you can discover yourself. It’s a feeling. Practice feeling it. Go, right now, I want you to disconnect from this. Put on your favorite song and I want you to sing your heart out. Sing, dance, whatever you do. Paint. Play the violin. Do whatever it is that makes you express yourself the deepest.” 

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