Love Is Dance!

 ft. Mario Che and Jeannette Fiallo

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Welcome to Episode 12 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

In tonight’s episode, Andres invites not one, but two guests: Mario Che and Jeannette Fiallo! Mario is a dancing veteran of twenty years, has lived across six different countries, and is an attorney and trader by profession as well as a passionate dancer. He works to spread dance to others. Jeannette is a classically trained dancer, having danced in ballet, jazz, and others since she was eight. She only joined the latin dance community recently through Salsa Kings, but has won two world championships in that time. They’ve been involved both in workshops and social media to help share their love of dance. Their videos are MJ Latin Dance Fusion and Zafire: the Miami division.

The subject Mario and Jeannette have chosen is Love is Dance! Jeannette and Mario speak about dance and love. Mario speaks about how dance has always been his love, kind of like being in love with ‘the bad girl’. He talks about finding a partner in dance, someone on your wavelength, and the difficulties therein. Mario and Jeannette speak about their connection in their dancing and how that has enhanced both their dance and their romantic life. He talks about their first dance together and the chemistry they felt immediately during and after that dance. Not long after that, they became an actual couple.

Of course, they also began dancing together a lot more, and learning about their connection. Mario and Jeannette worked on their dance every night together to connect better until they decided to dance together in public. It’s a story of love and how dance can bring you to the person you love, as well as how using loving principles can make you a better dancer.

Going through the relationship, Mario and Jeannette talk about how their relationship expanded their dance to go into more creative and business endeavors and how it’s taught them things about themselves they wouldn’t have learned without each other. Dance has made them feel like they’ve found a new family, not just through each other, but through their students.

Jeannette and Mario have a story about how love affects dance, and not just with one another, but how that love can inspire you to affect others in your community and grow in your own way. This isn’t just about romantic love, it’s about the love dance and your community can instill in you. If you’re interested in dance, then you’re no doubt also interested in how it can affect your love life as well as your life in the community in positive ways. For those who want to know more about that, or who maybe just want to hear a great love story, this episode is a must listen.

Andres also promotes the online group lessons called Move of The Week. They can be accessed at Each episode includes a new dance move in various types of latin dance. Those who want a quick introduction to dance will be sure to want to see it.

“You don’t seen an Olympic athlete do anything without a coach. Any who’s serious about anything gets a coach. One of the big developmental changes in my life is… whether I’m good or not, I get a coach. Why do people wait until their relationship is in trouble to get relationship counseling? You don’t have to. You can get a coach because you’re absolutely, 1000% serious about what you’re up to.”

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