Mindful Dance

ft. Reverend Natalie Calzadilla MBA

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Welcome to Episode 10 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

In the newest episode of Salsa Kings Live, Andres invites Reverend Natalie Calzadilla to discuss mindful dance. Calzadilla has a Masters in Business Administration, and is a certified spiritual life coach, a Reiki master, an artist, a dancer, a zumba instructor. These are only some of her impressive credentials.

Natalie goes into her history as a dancer and how she moved through her hip-hop roots to salsa, and eventually moving into spirituality. She discusses about how she wants to live a life of fulfillment over one of achievement, and how dance has enriched her in regards to her spirituality. She talks about the transcendent and very human experience that is dance. Natalie talks about the synergy of our physical bodies, our spiritual experiences, and the energies that dance accesses. By tapping into this energy and understanding it, we can dance better, be more fulfilled, and even become happier people through our dance and its mindfulness. Natalie doesn’t just go simply by feelings for this, she also talks about the proven science of the energy in our bodies that exists, and how things like auras can affect dance and even your daily life and emotional state. Natalie discusses how dancers who don’t read their own or other auras and how their dancing becomes a lot harder and a lot more inconsiderate. Reading each others’ energy can be the key to a successful dance partner. She talks about her own personal issues with dance, what she can’t do and how she needs to communicate to better dance.

Andres also wants to make sure that people really understand that a recurring theme of the show is awareness of themselves and others, not only in terms of their skills or styles as dancers, but them as people and how to make the experience as satisfying as possible for them too.

Dance is something that helps you channel that energy throughout your body. By using breath and focus, you can channel that energy and be aware of each other’s presence. Natalie talks about the need for surrender when you’re being led. There can’t be two leaders, and it is actually more of a strong and brave act to be able to surrender with your energy and trust your partner. It’s also important to be understanding of your partners, just as they need to be patient with them. Be understanding rather than judgmental about your partner, and that will also make them a better dancer. Natalie also discusses the importance of trust in her dance.

The themes of trust, understanding, energy, and spirituality are discussed in this episode. The importance of energy, of awareness, mood, and surrender. For those who are interested, not only in their dance, but in creating a more fulfilling experience in their dance and their life, you will find valuable information on how to make your experience and your spiritual connection stronger.

And remember you don’t have to be good at it!‘Oh I don’t dance!’ No, if you walk, you dance. It doesn’t matter if you’re dancing good or you’re dancing bad. All that matters is if you have a good time and let that energy through you.”

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