Powerful Parallels

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Welcome to Episode 58 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

This week Andres wants you to realize the parallels these lessons have. The lessons given here can apply not just to dance but to all sorts of parts of life, be it romance, business, or just general self-improvement. Dance is a form of self-expression and the point of the dance is to express who you are the best, as well as become the best version of yourself. By applying these aspects of dance to life, you will see these powerful parallels.

If you have a struggle on the dance floor, it can often be equivalent to problems in the real world. However, just because you’re having a bad day in real life does not mean that you avoid participating in the things you need to stay clean and healthy. You still shower, brush your teeth, and eat regularly, because that is what you need to do to keep being healthy and to improve your life. Similarly, in dance, you can’t slack off simply because you’re having an off day. Sometimes you need to power through the struggle. You need to keep your routine even in difficult times.

Take the premise of chameleonizing for example. It applies to dance where you want to be able to mix in with the different types of people you will have to dance with, but it also applies to life and the myriad of people you will meet. You’ll need to be able to mix in with other people throughout the world. You will find that you have to change according to the needs of the person in the real world as well as in a dance. It’s a form of social interaction as well as artistic expression.

Every lesson has multiple applications. It is no different for dancing than for math or science or even English. The purpose of these lessons isn’t just to make you a better dancer, but also a more full version of yourself. That is what artistic expression is after all. With every lesson being imparted to you, not just in dance, find ways to apply it to other aspects of your life. You’ll be surprised by how often it can become applicable. 

“There’s a lot of parallels that we take on the dance floor and I want you to take advantage of them, or at least to see them and apply them. As with everything else, I want you to be able to maximize everything that you’re learning here with us.”

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