Salsa vs Bachata: What’s the Difference?

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Whether you are looking to learn an exciting new skill, join a competition or even find a new workout, salsa or bachata classes in Miami may be for you. Both dances revolve around the movements of the dancers’ hips and legs, coordinated with music. While the two dance styles may look similar, there are many factors that differentiate them.

History of Salsa

Salsa dancing has been around since the early 1900s, becoming popular shortly after salsa music. The dance first gained popularity in Eastern Cuba and was later brought to New York City by Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians. From there, the dance soon spread throughout the US, its hip-swinging style quickly gaining attention throughout the country.

Over the past century, salsa dancing has adapted and changed to include influence from many other Latin dances. These, along with its popularity in different cultures have given rise to many different styles of salsa dances. Among these are Miami-style, Cuban, Afro-Latina and Colombian. While each style has unique features and they are often set to different music, they all maintain the emphasis on hip and leg movements that the dance is known for.

History of Bachata

Bachata came to life in the Dominican Republic during the mid-1900s. During this time, the country was under the rule of a dictator who banned both bachata music and dance. Due to this, bachata was pushed to the sidelines, gaining a taboo reputation in bars before it was once again released to the public. Despite its humble beginnings, bachata classes in Miami are gaining popularity.

With music typically dominated by guitar and centered around love stories, bachata is a beautiful partner dance. Like salsa, bachata has shifted to include many different styles as it has spread around the globe. The traditional style is the most well-known, featuring the same rhythmic sequence as the other forms of bachata but with less emphasis on turns. Dominican bachata features more complex footwork and typically follows more lively music than other types of bachata. Another form is bachata moderna, a style that has accepted more influence from other Latin dances, such as the tango.

Salsa and Bachata Classes in Miami

Both salsa and bachata classes in Miami are centered around the footwork and rhythmic patterns of the dances. Here at Salsa Kings, we offer a variety of both salsa and bachata classes in Miami, designed to meet you at your level. We offer single and partner classes and are dedicated to helping you reach the skill level you desire, whether that includes a competition standard or a proficiency that simply allows you to have fun and stay healthy.

By taking salsa or bachata classes in Miami you can immerse yourself in an enjoyable cardio workout. Our classes are typically public, making it easy to meet new people and strengthen relationships through dance. However, if learning with others makes you uncomfortable, we also offer private, in person lessons as well as video tutorials.

Both salsa and bachata dances come from a rich historic background waiting for you to discover. Each of our salsa or bachata classes in Miami is designed to help you reach your own personal goals while providing a fun cardio workout and a chance to meet and collaborate with new people.

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