The Art And The Frame

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Welcome to Episode 67 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

In the context of dance, we hear terms like ‘framing up’ or ‘getting into frame’. What does this mean, fundamentally, though? On one level, it means that the follow is the art, and the lead is the frame. The art -in this case the follow- is what we are here to see. No one goes to a museum to see the frames. At the same time, the art needs the frame, without which the art could not be supported or seen. This is where the leads come in. The job of the lead -the frame- is to make the follow -the art- to be seen and appreciated. 

Through their energy and the stage the lead presents, they are able to highlight the talents and charisma of the follow.  Andres wants follows to imagine themselves as some sort as of art and to put themselves into some form of shape, to find how hard  it is to put themselves in a circle or square without the help of the lead ‘framing’ them. Keep this in mind to keep from changing too much, lest the lead has more trouble framing you. It may be easy to blame the lead, but it is also the job of the follow to make their desires and needs clear. Without this clarity, the dance suffers. While the analogy is simple, it is still very easy to mess up the communication and follows should watch to keep their emotional energy consistent for the duration of the song. 

For leads, it is important to understand that they have every opportunity and right to change, but when changes are done they should be done consciously. Also, every follow will be different in shape, size, and color and to be able to work with that. They must be able to work with the follow they have and be able to send a signal.  

Follows, if they want to keep the dance consistent, need to keep consistency in themselves. The best way to do that is to be themselves, to feel the music as themselves rather than simply to do what they feel they should do or are being led to do. By this earnestness can they clearly communicate their desires.

“Ladies, set up your shape, whatever that is, and be consistent with that and if you’re gonna change, that would ultimately be… that you would start to change, you start to flirt. Is he aware that you switched it up? Leads, be mindful of this, that you are playing. In every sense of the word, the dance is meant to be enjoyed.”

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