Three Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Perfect Wedding Dance

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Your wedding dance should be an amazing event, but there are a few common mistakes that often lead to disaster. If you want your wedding dance to be perfect, there are three critical mistakes you need to avoid at all costs, so let’s take a dive into what these mistakes are, why you should steer clear of them, and how to seek out ‘wedding dance lessons near me’ so you can have a memorable wedding night.

Choosing the Wrong Music

Choosing the wrong music is a mistake that can ruin your entire dance. The wrong lyrics can make for an uncomfortable or less-than-romantic atmosphere, and too long of a song can make for a drawn-out and awkward experience that bores your guests. Take your time and choose a song that is meaningful, properly timed, and special to you. A good way to gauge whether a song is a good fit is to test it out during your wedding dance lessons and see how it feels.

Forgetting to Choreograph & Practice

Choreography and practice are absolutely essential to any good wedding dance. Choreography will help you to customize and curate your dance so that it’s just as memorable and beautiful as you’d hoped for your important day. Neglecting this step is a common mistake that leads many couples to flounder, attempting generic slow-dances without any real idea of what they are doing.

Practice gives you confidence. When you book those dance lessons for your first dance, you’ll have the chance to record your dance to muscle memory, ensuring that you are completely confident with performing it and don’t have another source of stress before your big day. If you forget to practice, your dance will look messy and you’ll be anxiously trying to think of what you should do next. Rehearsal will put your mind at ease that everything can go perfectly.

Using the Wrong Shoes

The last thing you want to be on your wedding night is uncomfortable or in pain, right? If you have the wrong shoes on during your dance, it won’t be long before your feet are killing you. That’s why you need to be extremely selective with your shoes before the wedding. Only pick a pair that’s a perfect fit.

You should also understand that practicing with your shoes on is crucial to preventing woe on the dance floor. Be sure to bring your shoes to your wedding dance lessons because this breaks them in and gives you an idea of whether or not they are actually functional—nine-inch heels probably won’t be your best friend.

Most importantly, search the web for ‘wedding dance lessons near me’

Overall, there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to your wedding night, and making sure that your wedding dance runs smoothly requires some key considerations. Choosing the wrong music, neglecting to find ‘wedding dance lessons near me,’ forgetting to practice, or wearing poor shoes can all lead to a bad time on the dance floor, so be sure to avoid these common mistakes when you plan for the most spectacular dance of your life. Click here for more information.

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