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Welcome to Episode 78 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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We get biblical in this episode as we go into the Tree of Knowledge. Moving on from the basic and simple nuts and bolts of dancing, this podcast is moving onto more complex and deep concepts as we can talk about the best way to apply those nuts and bolts. In the bible, Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and got removed from Eden. Many new dancers are too focused on the knowledge of dancing, trying too hard to learn how to dance instead of just actually dancing. When you are that deep into trying to figure things out, it’s easy to forget that the best way to learn how to dance is simply by dancing.

If we only focus on theory and knowledge, we’ll end up being limited by our lack of practice. Dance isn’t a microwave. It’s something that you have to do again and again until you do it reflexively. Dance is a skill like performing an instrument or drawing or coding. You can’t simply expect to be good at it without actually getting out there and trying it out. It may be intimidating, since the first time you do it, you won’t be the master you want to be. However, the path to becoming that master involves being that initial awkward dancer at first. You need to do something poorly before you can be a master at it.

Andres invites listeners to look into pivoting away from podcasts and youtube videos to actually practicing. There is a difference between learning how and actually doing it. Much like how reading a book about mountain climbing doesn’t make you a mountain climber, you can only truly become a dancer by dancing. Theory and knowledge can only take you so far without the proper application of it.

Knowledge can be a wonderful tool to help expand your repertoire and aid you in your desire to become informed can end up paralyzing yourself. Filling yourself up with knowledge without actually going out and practicing the basics can end up making it so that you become too intimidated to actually practice. It’s important to be able to throw away obsession with complex technicalities and to simply become a dancer. 

“Having all the knowledge without the experience and the notion of how to connect with one another is ultimately a waste of time. I can only say that because that’s exactly what happened to me, specifically. After two years, I realized I had no idea how to dance with one person.”

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