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Welcome to Episode 81 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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A famous rock band once asked ‘What is it?’ Andres is here to tell you what it’s not. Creativity demands a lot, through this music you need to understand what the sound, your partner, and the feeling is. To do that, you also have to figure out what they’re not. 

There are three levels of understanding, called the three Cs, describing the understanding and progress of your dance and your relationship with your partner. The first challenge would be to go inward and have an understanding of one’s own dance, then moving on the next.

The first C is to Connect: If you are dancing with another human being, then you are of course going to want to connect with your partner. Dance is art, and art is communication. If you cannot communicate with your fellow artist, then it will be an awkward situation. However, it isn’t just others you want to connect with, but the music as well as your own feelings.

The second C is Confidence. You need to be able to believe in yourself and your partner to be able to perform. The more you worry, the more self-conscious you are, the more you are opening yourself up to failure. Being nervous will not only make you more likely to fail, but your audience and partner will feel it too, making the dance weaker. To make things worse, a lack of confidence can prevent you from believing in your own choices and creativity, leaving you to simply repeat ‘what works’ rather than to find out exactly what kind of dancer you are. Rather than worry about your failures, do your best to have confidence and to realize what you know and how you can implement it.

The third and final step is to be able to Communicate. Once you have the connection and the confidence, you need to be able to share what you are feeling, what you want, and what you need. Communication is the ultimate aspect of art. Communication to your partner, communication with the music, communication with the audience, and of course communication with oneself. The only way to truly make your dance understood is to be able to impart that information.

Dance is many things, but through these three Cs you can realize what it’s not as well as what it is. Connect with the art and your partner, be confident in it, and then work to communicate it. This way you’ll see what your dance is and what it’s not.

“If you and I can get into a great conversation, I can discuss my ideals, I can discuss my thoughts, my experiences, my political or religious viewpoints, and you can do the exact same thing, and neither one of us needs to be offended, neither one of us needs to be overly passionate in the sense that it’s personal. Essentially, we’re communicating, being able to learn from one another, and through these different ideals, we can create something, co-create something that will work out for both of us.”

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