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Welcome to Episode 76 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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On this special video episode, we’re going to have class for early dancers with Andres. Here we get to see classes with Andres and the type of classes he gives. He starts by giving people good expectations for his students. He wants them to go slowly, getting comfortable with the motions. Trying to become a master right away will simply make you get stuck forever on the same bit. On the other hand if you take things slowly until you get comfortable with it, you’ll be able to make a slower, but more comfortable transition into dancing. This is the first rule to ‘Walk’

The second is to ‘pause’. Every third step, Andres wants you to pause. This is key to salsa. Every third step of salsa has a pause. If you aren’t doing this, you aren’t dancing salsa. By walking and pausing every third step you’ve already given yourself a baseline on which to dance salsa.  

The third rule is to ‘repeat’. The more times you repeat the more you do over, the more you’re able to keep on the same wavelength and the more your partner can keep up with you. The more you try to vary it up, the more you will end up bringing too many unspoken variables that can take you, and consequently your partner, out of rhythm. The key in dancing is to keep it easy and to keep yourself consistent.

These are the three beginning principles of Andres’ beginning classes. If you can keep to these fundamentals, then you can finish an entire song. This should be your initial goal, not to be immediately brilliant and beautiful, but to be steady. Once you become able to do these basics easily, then you can move onto the next level. 

Andres’ class continues based on these basic principles, which are the basis of rhythm, comfort, and simplicity that makes the basics of dance. Some of these may seem exceedingly simple, even childish, but much like children need to learn how to crawl before they can walk, starting dancers need to learn how to walk before they can dance. Going through this class will give you a good idea of the basics of salsa dancing. Let Andres teach you a starting point and help you learn where to go from there.

“If you start to become more loose in your dance than if you’re walking, well that’s the goal, but you’re gonna look good right now. Right now. Today. First time or not.”

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