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Welcome to Episode 75 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Are you competitive? Is it ever ‘Just a game’ to you? Andres himself is a competitive person, one who takes even games seriously, and it has taken him awhile to realize that different people will see the approach to such games with a less competitive eye. In the eyes of some, the object of the game is to have fun and distract yourself. These people take to the game as a form of stress release, a way to not have to deal with the pressing difficulties of reality. This is, of course, a fine and valid way to want to approach a hobby such as dancing. Andres takes a different approach to his work. 

Andres, while he understands this, feels more fun by going into it all the way, to challenge themselves, and to triumph in the end. This is about pushing yourself, finding a sense of accomplishment in what you’re doing here. Neither of these approaches towards dance or any other kind of game or hobby are wrong. These types of enjoyment are just different ways to approach it. The way Andres sees it, champions have more fun. For him, the satisfaction outweighs the sacrifice. As a matter of fact, the sacrifice is part of what makes it fun.

Of course, with this approach it requires a level of emotional maturity. You cannot require the win to have fun. You have to be able to occasionally accept losing as a risk, and be able and willing to be able to go back to the game. You need to be able to have fun through the process of challenging yourself in and of itself, rather than simply from the high of victory.

In the classroom, it should be a comfortable experience, but Andres wants you to go and seek ways to challenge yourself beyond just the social aspect. Find a competition so that you can work to grow and fun the joy and glory in that. Maybe even you will find yourself becoming a champion. The only thing you need to do is try and put in the work if you are willing. There is more joy in this work than there is pain. Find a way to expand, to become more than just someone who never goes beyond their limits. Try and become a champion.

“The smiles on the competitors’ faces before, during, after, the range of emotions one goes through… I challenge you to realize that’s part of the process, that’s what makes it awesome. The most memorable moments of your life are the ones where you have been on an emotional roller coaster.”

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