Four Indoor Team Building Activities with Step-by-Step Instructions

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There are a lot of options out there for team building activities, and when most people think of them, they think of retreats out to the mountains, or the like, but there are other options available for companies that need something closer to home, or something for bad weather times of the year. Indoor team building activities in Miami can be done all year round, and below are four great activities you can enjoy at your workplace.

Workplaces are where many friendships are made, but they also sometimes are places of conflict. Team building activities are a great way to bring co-workers closer together, or at least make them able to understand each other better, to make working together smoother.

Office Trivia

Office trivia is a particularly good indoor team building activity for those that are new at your company. The objective of the activity is to have a friendly team-based competition indoors that works for anywhere from 8 to 100 people. This activity generally takes about 30-60 minutes to complete, and it is of medium difficulty.

1. Prepare a list of trivia questions before the activity; they can be based on company policies, department locations, questions about team members, or you can just do basic trivia questions about pop culture.

2. Call out the questions: the first to answer gets the point.

3. Highest score at the end wins.

4. For larger groups, teaming up with a funny buzzer is a great idea. Those that buzz first get to answer.

Chest of Hopes and Dreams

The chest of hopes and dreams group activity is great for helping people learn about others’ big hopes and dreams in an anonymous setting. Great for smaller groups of people from 5 to 15 employees, and taking about 30-60 minutes, it is meant to help with creative problem solving and team bonding.

1. At the beginning, ask everybody to write down on a piece of paper something they want out of their lives, or something they hope to achieve one day.

2. Place all pieces of paper into a hat.

3. Each person pulls out one random piece of paper, and reads them one by one.

4. As a group, people discuss how the written hope or dream could be achieved.

Salsa Dance Lessons

For companies with employees that are interested in learning a skill together, professional dance lessons may be one of the great team building activities in Miami. This can be great for a small number of people, from 5-25, depending on space available, and for hour-long or multiple hour sessions.

1. Call up a professional dance instructor, like those available from Salsa Kings.

2. Gather up all the interested employees in a room of sufficient size for the instructor to guide them through some Salsa (or other) dance moves.

3. Don’t push employees; give them the space and time they need to get comfortable with dancing and to open up.

Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lie gives employees a way to learn more about each other. It can be a short 15-20 minute activity for any number of employees.

1. Have each participant write down two truths and lie about themselves on a piece of paper; they should not reveal which is the lie to anyone yet.

2. Other participants can try to determine the lie by asking questions.

Where to go for the best team building activity in Miami

Wanting to get employees to work better together, often requires some form of team building activity in Miami, and if you are interested in professional dance lessons for an activity for your company, then contact us at Salsa Kings today for bookings and rates.

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