Has Salsa Influenced Bachata and How Much?

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If you know anything about Latin dance, then you know there are a number of different styles, stories, and rhythms to each. Two of the most popular styles are salsa and bachata. And, if you are looking at learning more about each style by searching for a ‘bachata class near me’, then you want to take great classes and improve your skills in these dance styles.

But to begin with, how much do you know about the history of each, the differences and similarities, and how they have reached the popularity that they now enjoy? Has one style influenced another?

What is Salsa dance?

Salsa dance began in the mid 1970s. It has its roots in Latin dance, but salsa itself has had many influences. Salsa dance is like the saucy condiment that it was named for — it’s a spicy, red mix, and it is easy to enjoy. All salsa is basically the same, but there are significant differences. The dance has an intricate rhythm and is in 4/4 time. Did you know that there are two styles of salsa dance? The LA style is exciting and flashy, while the NY style is a bit more relaxed and smooth.

Can I learn salsa at a Bachata class near me?

That Bachata class you are looking at will show that the two dance styles are not completely different, although they came from different places. Bachata has its own sound, and its own history. It originated in the Dominican Republic, earlier than salsa, but it was not valued or in favor with the government of the time. President Dictator Trujillo preferred merengue over bachata, so his opinion — that it was a lower art form — is the one that took off.

Besides the difference in music styles and the behaviors of the dancing couple, there are a few ways to tell the styles apart if you want to take a bachata class or a salsa class, or both. Both have the power to change your life. If one style has had an influence on the other, then that only brings them closer together!

What are the differences?

Salsa is generally considered to be a faster and more energetic dance form. It is athletic and vibrant, and it is influenced by swing, mambo, and cha cha dance, which are also usually seen as fun and energetic. Salsa movement is different from Bachata.

Bachata, on the other hand, is a much more sensual style. It has sexy, slow movements, and the music is slower, sad, and poetic, with more guitars and romantic ballads. If there have been recent influences on the style, they have been through the music. Bachata classes do have their own sound, but today, the music might be more lively and upbeat, with electronic sounds.

Do you have to choose only one?

Of course not! Try them both at that ‘Bachata class near me’ that you have found, and do the one that you enjoy. Many people love both, and continue to do both throughout. As for which style has had the greatest influence, it is a fact that both styles have evolved and changed to be accessible and enjoyable to all people.

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