How Dance Classes as Date Night Help You Both Get Into Shape (While Having Fun)

online dance classes for couples

As you get older it becomes harder to do a few things; namely, lose weight and stay in shape. It can also be hard to find fun date ideas with your partner. What if there was a way to increase fitness and have a great time with your loved one without leaving home? Clear a space in the living room – and get ready for salsa online dance class for couples!

Will Salsa Online dance classes for couples Help with Fitness?

Salsa dancing uses both aerobic training (activities that use large muscle groups; it is a great way to burn calories, helps your blood flow and gets the heart beating faster) as well anaerobic training (this training uses high intensity interval training; it uses energy quickly and efficiently). Because of this combination, salsa dancing has shown to burn over 400 calories in an hour. This is more than swimming or biking for the equivalent amount of time. Another benefit of salsa dancing with your partner is that you will begin to build stamina and create a healthier lifestyle.

Online Dance Classes for Couples

If you want to learn salsa but finding the time to join a class is difficult, Salsa Kings® has a great option. Online dance classes are available to stream any time that you are ready; for those who work the midnight shifts or parents on the go trying to find time to spend together, for example. Courses range from beginner to professional. Grab your partner and begin to learn a spectacular dance and as your body begins to move with the music, you can feel the stress falling off your shoulders. Dancing together is great fun and easier on the knees than most cardio activities.

Private Online Classes

As you and your partner improve in your salsa lessons, moving to online private lessons is the next step. Watching and dancing with a video can be a great way to spend time together and get fit. However, having a personal instructor work virtually with you in the comfort of your living room helps tweak the steps and encourages you to succeed.

Group Online Dance Classes for Couples

Group dances include other couples dancing in the comfort of their living room as well as couples in the studio. Salsa Kings® offers online group classes six days a week. This is a great introduction to dancing with other couples and leaning into a social activity. Group classes also push couples to dance to a higher level. Group dance lessons can help with additional fitness without even noticing how hard you are working!

At Salsa Kings® we have online dance classes for couples in formats that work for everyone. Salsa dancing is a social activity from the privacy of two in a living room to the ballroom dance floor with other couples. No matter how you take lessons, it is a great way to spend a date night, get some exercise and fall in love with each other again.

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