How to Dance Salsa Better

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You and your partner have decided to dance to have fun, to exercise, and to re-establish a connection that at times seems lost. “What type of dance?” may be your next question. Once you find a salsa class near me, the decision is made easily. So, you begin lessons and realize very quickly that you are falling in love with this genre. The fast beats, quick steps and the Latin flair are so exciting! The benefit of exercising and a cardio workout is exhilarating. But there is a lot to learn and you now feel the need to improve, but how can you dance better? Following a few well practised tips will help!

Practice at Home

Taking a salsa class near me can be very therapeutic but you must also be familiar with the music used in salsa dancing to excel. The couple classes offered at Salsa Kings have been specially designed for people like you, but extra practice and getting comfortable with the music is a good way to get better. Salsa dancing is about body movement, so doing it at home gives you the freedom to be yourself, to feel comfortable with what you have learned, and maybe add some moves or flair of your own. Mirrors are challenging, but if you feel comfortable dancing together in front of a floor length mirror, it is an excellent way to perfect your posture. Another fun way to practice is to videotape yourself, get the popcorn and watch.

Watch Dance Videos and Listen to Music

There are many videos made by professional salsa dancers and many competitions have been recorded and can be found online. By watching them you will notice moves you are familiar with and maybe some you aren’t. Use these videos to inspire you on the dance floor. There is nothing wrong with imitating dance moves, especially those that interest you.

A quick way to build confidence is to really know the music. Your dance moves are tied to the music. Learn to respond and listen carefully to the musical breaks. You will look like a pro if you know when the music will end and can hit all your moves on the right notes or beats. So, listen while driving, put it into your playlist, make it available wherever you go, and if you can, dance along.

Go Social Dancing

There comes a time that you might want to test all the moves you have learned in salsa class near me, and there isn’t a better place than going to a social dance. If your area has a Latin dance club, try to go as often as you have time. You’re not only having a date night, but you are practising too!

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