I Can’t

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Welcome to Episode 64 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

What do you mean you can’t? Andres spends this episode going over his least favorite two words; words that he seems to hear far too often. There is an idea called static friction that makes new things different. Changes as simple as adding something to your schedule can be daunting and often you may psychologically resist it. This is why forming habits can be so important to keep your progress up. Of course with dance, static friction can become much more daunting when it involves upping your dance to the next level. 

The important thing is to not blame yourself or hate yourself for encountering this. By default humans are inclined to take the path of least resistance. You keep to the things you already know, which is part of why we often remain so unimpressed with ourselves. What we do is unimpressive to us because we’re already good at it. However, to those who have not made those things a habit, they will seem far more impressive. It’s always difficult to be aware of how good you actually are. 

The thing is, when you start something new, there will be people who are better than you and you will probably not be very good yet. Of course you won’t. You haven’t done it yet. You haven’t made it a habit, gotten into the groove and really gotten to instinctively understand it like other people have. That comes with time, practice, and making it a habit. This is why all the way back in episode 27, he said to start now. Because you need all the time you can get to make it a habit, to get all the pieces and factors that will really make your dance career take off. It all starts with making it a habit, to learn as much as you can as often as you can. 

When you say you can’t, there’s a word missing: yet. You can’t yet. However if you keep at your routing, and continue to make it a habit, then you will. Persistence is more important than genius or talent every time. Don’t be daunted by difficulty. Make sure to make it so that you can.

‘Objects standing still will standstill, the same way objects in motion will stay in motion. So to take yourself from standing still to moving towards the direction of that goal that you just set, there’s the energy that’s needed to put there, and the energy is what is needed to break what is static friction.’

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