What are the Ways to Become a Better Salsa Dancer?

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Salsa is a relatively new dynamic dance and musical form, developed in Cuba through a combination of different styles and musical techniques. A musical phenomena of the early 1900s, Salsa represents a blend of Latin musical genres — the roots originated in Eastern Cuba as Mambo, Afro-Cuban dance, and Son Cubano were introduced on the island. By the 1950s, more and more Cuban and Puerto Rican people, some of whom were musicians, settled in the US. Inspired by American Jazz, Salsa music continued to emerge, specifically in the development of New York, known as “El Barrio” or the “Spanish Harlem”. As record labels focused more on Latin music, Latin musicians began to have a bigger impact on mainstream American music. A “soft” and “hard” Salsa evolved during the 80s, and both, along with the dance, remain popular today. If you have been thinking about googling salsa lesson near me, it’s time to make the leap and do it.

5 Ways to Become a Better Salsa Dancer

  1. Strengthen Your Core

You don’t need a 6-pack to be a better salsa dancer, but you do need to focus on your core strength if you want to get better at spins, advanced turns, and other techniques. Since posture is so important in Salsa, improving your core, back, and leg strength can help you achieve better lines and overall movement. When searching for “salsa lesson near me”, consider looking up some simple exercises to help improve your stamina, strength, and flexibility.

  1. Master the Basics First

In order to get better at something, you need to practice. This may seem repetitive, especially if you are keen to move past the fundamentals of Salsa and try more challenging moves, but the foundational steps of salsa are everything. Practice the basic steps in all directions, sync the steps with the music, and focus on your transitions. Eventually, you will be able to add your own stylized flare to each move.

  1. Choose the right studio and instructor

It’s important that the way you learn and the dance studio and instructor you choose align with one another. It’s not as simple as googling “salsa lesson near me” and clicking on the first link that comes up. Spend some time reading through reviews, learning more about each instructor, and comparing different studios. You can also audit a salsa lesson near you before fully commit to anything.

  1. Explore Other Dance Forms

Exploring other dance forms, like jazz, hip-hop- and tango, can all help add to your salsa styling, especially considering that Salsa is a mixture of similar dance forms. This can also help you move past any “ruts” or “snags” you may have hit during your salsa lessons near me. Learning other fun, energetic dances can also help you feel less shy or awkward while dancing around others.

  1. Record Yourself

During your “salsa lesson near me” search, make sure the studio you choose has large mirrors so you can see yourself during lessons. Alternatively, when you are at home practicing, which you should do often to help improve your abilities, you can record yourself. Though it may sound embarrassing to watch a recording of yourself learning Salsa, it’s a good exercise because it will help you spot the areas which need improving and will also highlight your strengths. Visit our website to know more.

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