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Welcome to Episode 84 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Are you thirsty? You need the juice to get your dance going. Andres talks about how he himself never got himself a playlist of his favorite music: the thing that gets you the juice, that pumps you up for your performance. Andres asks you to, if you haven’t already, to make a list like this for yourself. Once you listen to these songs, you should try and connect to them, to see what emotions these songs instill in you, the kind of energy -the juice- it gives you. Many of you have probably already done that, but when you listen to this music do you have to work to connect to the music or do you feel connected to it immediately?

The goal is to treat dance in largely the same way. Do you have to work to get your dance going? Or do you click with it immediately. You shouldn’t have to be forcing your moves out. The juice should be flowing on its own. If you already know how to do the moves, if your ability regarding dance itself is capable, then the practice then is to connect to the songs themselves, making it a natural thing to feel the flow and emotion of the song. Ideally you can just get out on the dance floor, feel the music, and let out that juice. 

Once you get this, you’ll be able to squeeze your ‘juice’ out naturally, rather than forcibly pushing it out. This natural feeling will let you be able to dance better, to feel more like someone in tune with the music. Andres has seen countless dancers moving in extravagance, in an attempt to express the music. However, when you’re forcing it like that, it feels unnatural, not like an expression of the music. As a result, these dancers will feel more like they’re expressing their own personal skill rather than the dance itself. This comes more from more of a ‘pushing’ place, reaching for something that isn’t there. ‘Squeezing’ to get the juice is more out of getting what is already there out.

When you dance with others, you want to ‘squeeze’ or ‘ooze’ it out rather than trying to push and get blood from a stone. When you are listening to music, either at home, in your car, or on the dance floor, try and naturally connect to the music. Don’t be trying to enjoy the music, just let it flow over you.

“Allow yourself to practice enjoying yourself. Having a good time. Going out with friends. Whatever the case is, this is very healthy, so we can remind ourselves what it is to feel good and that we can embrace that feeling moreso so that next time we can feel even more good… feel better.”

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