MIAMI BUSINESS ft. Andres Fernandez

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Welcome to Episode 85 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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This is, of course, a podcast about salsa dancing, but Andres has been on other podcasts as well. In this episode, Andres shares an interview by Wilson Alvarez of Miami Business with him and his own experience in learning to dance. It all started when another man danced with Andres’ girlfriend in high school. Motivation can come from all sorts of places, and the need to impress your girl is no different. This is what lit the fire for Andres to finally start learning how to dance. The things that start your careers, huh? That being a motivator was far from something that diminished dance for Andres, however. Far from it, it made him realize the value of being able to share such an artistic experience with his partner.

The initial anxiety of dance is also discussed, the discomfort of asking another to dance and the fear of rejection or failure. Andres speaks about overcoming that and how he teaches that in his classes. While there are basics to master, it’s important to understand that beyond that it’s an art form and about self-expression. Once you have the moves and the rhythm down, where you go from there is up to you and that is not the wrong or right way to dance. It is simply your way to dance. Salsa dance is comparable to any game such as chess or checkers in that as long as you and your partners know the rules, from there you make it your own.

The important thing for dance is not the moves or the perfection, but simply the practice and the removal of overthinking. Too many dancers are obsessed with showing people how good their dance moves are or how complex they can go without actually focusing on the natural communication and work you do with a partner.

Andres has hosted this episode for eight-five episodes, many of which you have presumably listened to, but it’s also important to remember the basics, to share this art form with others, and to keep growing the world of salsa. 

“The idea is you have a sense of confidence so much that you bring that you literally lift up the other person as well. That makes me happy because the idea is that you have enough of that you start to experience and develop your own sense of confidence to be able to do that for someone else.”

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