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Welcome to Episode 71 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

This episode has Coach Oriana Guevara joining Andres. She is a life, relationship, and personal performance coach as well as a speaker and author of the book The Brave New Masculine. She is also of course a bachata enthusiast, which brings her to the podcast. Raised by immigrants, Oriana grew up quickly in Orlando and found herself stuck in a toxic relationship where she found herself unable to prioritize her mental health before finally divorcing. She ended up searching for a new career where she felt like she could help people. After soul-searching, she decided to go her career as a life coach where she saw that she could make a difference in other peoples’ lives. She enrolled in a year-long plan to train in coaching where she traveled the world and worked with a coach to learn about business and people from across the world. It’s through this and her passion for dance that Coach Oriana works to try and help people and to be happy and make a living just being herself, which is something that she also hopes to help other people do.  

Coach Oriana discusses not only her own life experiences but provides advice and answers questions of those listening in live. She discusses how it can be difficult to find your way in this world and the thing you need to do is figure out what fits and what doesn’t rather than trying to push your square pegs into round holes, you need to find out how to find the places that suit and fit you. And of course, she offers advice on dance and the dance world and how to meet people and ask them to dance and the dynamics of men and women in dance. Oriana’s advice isn’t simply for dancers or those passionate about dance and music, it is for anyone looking to go forward in life and find out what they can do or hoping to interact qwith others. Coach Oriana provides a unique perspective that is useful for everyone who may find themselves to be similarly frustrated with their lives hoping for a new start like she has. 

Her book The Brave New Masculine can be ordered in the link below:

“Generally speaking, if a woman is sitting down she probably doesn’t want to dance. She’s probably resting. If she’s been dancing and you’ve observed her dancing for awhile, if you go and ask her to dance, she’s probably going to say no.”

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