Positive Impact of Team Building Activities

team building activities in miami

You care about your team and their wellbeing, and you know that, the more cohesively they act as a team, the better your company performs. However, the words “team building” can make even the best employee shudder. Trust falls, communication exercises, taking up lunch breaks to interact with the company – thankfully team building has moved past these methods. With Salsa Kings®, you get the team building activities in Miami that everyone in your company will love.

What team building activities in Miami do we offer?

Salsa Kings® offers two options: crowd animation and showcase.

Crowd animation: The objective here is enthusiastic engagement. We get the beat pumping and get everyone moving. Our dancers do improv dancing and/or dance instruction that wakes up the mood and brings the event to life. We literally pump up your team so they happily engage in this and the rest of the activities you have planned. We are the ultimate way to start off, or be the star of, your team building day.

Showcase: Choose this option when you want the best entertainment for your team building activities. Our world-class professional dancers know how to really wow a crowd. Hire Salsa Kings® to open or close your event and we guarantee everyone present will be talking about that event for months! Our fully choreographed dances defy expectations and bring everyone to their feet to cheer along as we execute complicated moves. Most team building events end with dinner and entertainment. When we are the entertainment, we are a very successful part of the day.

The value of team building activities in Miami

Why engage in team building? The workplace is a diverse mix of ideas, cultures, personalities, and more. It’s important for your workforce to get to know each other and their communication styles. Team building is an excellent way to achieve this. The team that plays together also enjoys:

• Greater productivity

• Higher morale

• Better creativity

• Increased problem solving

• Better health

• Trust and respect for their team and employers

• Enjoyment of responsibilities.

Other ways to enjoy team building activities in Miami

Did you know we offer group dance classes? If our engagement or entertainment packages are not quite what you are after, enroll your team in a fun and interactive group dance class! It’s a great way to get out of the office, cut loose, and have a ton of fun while bonding together and learning how to operate as a more cohesive unit.


Salsa Kings® provides fun and affordable solutions for those looking for team building activities in Miami. Contact us today to learn about our animation and showcase packages. Talk to us about group classes for your team. No matter which you choose, you and your team will reap the many benefits of team building, and will become a stronger, healthier, more productive group.

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