Five Essential Salsa Dance Tips for the Absolute Beginner

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The steamy, sensual salsa! No, not the delicious sauce you put on your nachos. We’re talking about those great moves you see on the dance floor, the Latin dance that is so colorful and impactful. Think you can’t dance salsa? Think again! Salsa is for everyone! If you are an absolute beginner looking for “salsa class near me,” Salsa Kings® has you covered. Let’s go over our top five tips for our beginner dancers.

Tips for getting started with salsa dancing

1. Relax

Hey, we get it! If you have no dance experience, getting yourself out there for the first time can be really intimidating. You may worry about keeping up with the instructor, feeling uncoordinated, or not understanding the moves. Relax! It’s okay! Our dance teachers know you may feel a little nervous. Nobody is here to judge you, and our teachers have a way of breaking down the steps so everyone can nail them with confidence. We make learning salsa fun.

2. Choose a delivery method

If you are learning salsa for the first time as part of your wellness routine, or to get ready for an event, your search for “salsa class near me” may have you driving far from home or trying to fit in lessons around your busy work schedule. Salsa Kings® provides online lessons as well as in person lessons, so you can dance when and where you want. Additionally, we can do private lessons that fit your schedule.

3. Flat shoes are okay

You may be used to seeing beautiful salsa dancers doing high flying moves in even higher heels. For beginners, flat shoes are okay! There is no need to worry about dancing in heeled shoes. Wear shoes with non-slip soles that are comfortable (yet fit well enough to not fly off unexpectedly).

4. Fitted clothing helps too

The moves of salsa are sensuous. You’ll be moving and connecting with your body in very empowering ways. While your clothing doesn’t have to be skin-tight, it should be fitted enough for you to see the moves in the mirror (if learning at home) or for our instructors to see the moves as you learn them.

5. Mandatory fun!

It’s nearly impossible not to have fun while dancing salsa. So, don’t take yourself too seriously. Our instructors lead you through the basics in such a way that you can really let go and get into the moves. Enjoy learning how to dance salsa, as well as how to connect to yourself, the rich history of this dance, and possibly even to your partner (partners not needed for all classes – you can learn solo). When you have fun, you will quickly discover a new and rewarding hobby.

You’ve found the best “salsa class near me”

The best “salsa class near me” is the one where beginners feel comfortable and empowered. Salsa Kings® is delighted to introduce you to this style of dance and show you why it can help you feel more confident in every aspect of your life – while you have fun learning it every step of the way.

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