RICO RICO ft. Pablo Peña García

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Welcome to Episode 124 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Intro: In this episode of the Salsa Kings Live, we dive into the essence of salsa dancing with Pablo, a passionate dancer and instructor of Salsa Kings. His journey into the world of salsa began unexpectedly, and it led him to discover the concept of “Rico Rico.” Let’s get into it, and figure out the emotional connection of dancing and music to Rico Rico.

Key Points:

1. Discovering the Passion: Pablo’s salsa journey started in Miami after his mom encouraged him to try salsa, leading him to fall in love with the dance.

2. Defining Rico Rico: Rico Rico, according to Pablo, goes beyond the ordinary; it’s that next-level sensation when you truly feel the music and let it guide your movements. It’s not just about the steps, it’s about feeling the music.

3. The Click and Feeling the Music: As dancers progress, they often wonder what more there is beyond the moves and the technique. The answer lies in “the click,” that moment when you start listening to the music, letting it guide your steps. To achieve this, simplicity is key; feeling the music is easier when your movements are simple.

4. Exercising the Click: Similar to a muscle, the ability to click becomes stronger with practice. Start simple and gradually incorporate turns; don’t rush the process, just like you wouldn’t lift heavy weights the first day you go to the gym.

5. Dancing with Emotion: The beauty of salsa lies not just in the steps but in the emotion you put into them. Whether in social dancing or choreographies, focusing on the music and your partner can elevate your performance. Embrace the song’s emotion, infuse it into your moves, and let it guide your steps..

Closing Thoughts: Rico Rico is not just a term; it’s a feeling, an experience that transcends the physicality of dance. Pablo’s journey from a newcomer to a dancer who dances with his heart and soul teaches us that salsa isn’t about how many turns you know but how deeply you connect with the music. So, next time you hit the dance floor, remember, it’s not just about the steps; it’s about finding your Rico Rico moment and letting the music speak through you. 

Happy dancing!

Quote: “Find something you want to strengthen, make it easier, then layer new skills on what you’ve mastered.

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