Salsa Dance Lessons: Five Mistakes to Avoid on the Dance Floor

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Dance is about movement, connection, and having a great time with other people. It’s a place to express yourself and where others can do the same. In that spirit, there are rules and etiquette that make the experience better for everyone. If you are typing “salsa lesson near me” into your phone or computer, then you will want to know about these mistakes to avoid when salsa dancing.

1. Mixing Up the Timing

Timing in salsa, like every style of dance, is central. When everyone on the floor dances in time, it’s like a well-oiled machine. When people are dancing out of time, it can become chaotic. Getting a sense for the timing in salsa is quite easy once you know how to listen to the music and your partner, and asking, “can I get a salsa lesson near me?” is the best place to start to get an ear for salsa.

2. Not Listening to Your Partner

Salsa is like many other styles of dance in that it’s about connecting with your partner. Don’t have a partner? One of the easiest ways to find one is to type “salsa lesson near me” into your phone and head to a lesson. Chances are, someone looking for a salsa partner has done the exact same thing.

3. Ignoring Hygiene

Salsa is a sexy and sometimes sweaty experience. As such, it’s best enjoyed with deodorant and a recent shower. This falls under respecting your partner during your salsa lesson. We all get sweaty and smelly from physical exercise. That doesn’t mean everyone’s nose should get a workout as well.

4. Going too Big

Salsa is a chance to show off your moves. It’s a fantastic place to be social and enjoy some friendly competition. But there is a time and place for going really big. Chances are, if you’re typing “salsa lesson near me” into your phone, then you should probably master the basics before adding a lot of flair. Take it instead as an opportunity to watch the masters and develop your own style based on learning and listening.

5. Forgetting to Have Fun!

While the above can seem like a lot to remember at the moment, it really isn’t. Once you get in a groove, have some moves down, and connect with your partner, it’s really not hard to have the best time. But if it makes you nervous, that’s okay! You can type “salsa lesson near me” into your phone and get some lessons to build your confidence, and with it, your ability to have fun.

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